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All pricing is for 100 m for both download and upload speeds!

It’s perfect for streaming video, uploading photos, working from home and everything else you do online.


Internet and local telephone…just $69.95/month

Our most popular plan!

  • 100 m internet with unlimited usage
  • Telephone service with unlimited local calls
  • Price does not include tax
  • Telephone service is required for this price

Cable TV

Great viewing options with no contracts

Individual Internet and Telephone Pricing

Internet charge – with Telephone service

  • $41.95/month for 100 m service
  • Telephone service is required for this price

Internet-only charge

  • $55.95/month for 100 m service

Telephone charges

  • $18.00 local access
  • $1.00 911 charge
  • $6.50 FCC line charge
  • $3.00 ARC charge
  • $28.50/month total telephone¬†charges

Prices subject to change. Charges listed above do not include taxes.

Prepayment Charges

Charges below include set up at your location and the first month of service

  • Internet and telephone service – $100
  • Internet only – $110
  • Telephone only – $60
  • Cable TV – Basic Plan – $120
  • Cable TV – Basic Plan and HBO – $140
Internet service
Telephone service
Cable TV service