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All pricing is for 100 m for both download and upload speeds!

It’s perfect for streaming video, uploading photos, working from home and everything else you do online.


Internet and local telephone…just $69.95/month

Our most popular plan!

  • 100 m internet with unlimited usage
  • Telephone service with unlimited local calls
  • Price does not include tax
  • Telephone service is required for this price

Cable TV

Great viewing options with no contracts

Individual Internet and Telephone Pricing

Internet charge – with Telephone service

  • $41.95/month for 100 m service
  • Telephone service is required for this price

Internet-only charge

  • $55.95/month for 100 m service

Telephone charges

  • $18.00 local access
  • $1.00 911 charge
  • $6.50 FCC line charge
  • $3.00 ARC charge
  • $28.50/month total telephone charges

Prices subject to change. Charges listed above do not include taxes.

Prepayment Charges

Charges below include set up at your location and the first month of service

  • Internet and telephone service – $100
  • Internet only – $110
  • Telephone only – $60
  • Cable TV – Basic Plan – $115
  • Cable TV – Basic Plan and HBO – $135
Internet service
Telephone service
Cable TV service